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Antique and Vintage Documents

American * English * French

1770 - 1970

Show  Schedule 2020 


New York, NY

  January 29-30, 2020

 International Quilt Market

  Pittsburgh, PA

May 15-17, 2020


Acquisitions 2019

Purchase of 1500+ Stunning Antique French Silk Jacquard's 

Purchase of  500+ Fun

Vintage 1930 - 1950 Cotton Prints

Community Outreach

Antique Fabrique Boutique student intern position  for 2020. Contact us for further information.


Our extensive "Womens" collection contains tens-of-thousands of fashion forward designs that blend  a vintage twist on a modern look.

Luscious  color palettes  mix with great geometrics, flirty florals, pretty paisleys, and contemporary dots and spots. Be inspired, non-seasonal, tiny to over-sized motifs, something for every customer.

   We offer an abundance of antique  silk jacquards,  vintage cotton and rayon  prints,  that can translate to any apparel or accessory applications.

Show Schedule 2019


New York, NY

January 30-31, 2019

International Quilt Market


October 25-27, 2019