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Antique Fabrique Boutique

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Designers of fashion apparel

Accessories and costumes
Home decor textiles

Paper and gift
Wall and floor

Our international clientele are talented designers from around the world, "we are truly grateful for your patronage and loyalty, we thank you for making the world a more beautiful place." 

Presentations  of collection by appointment only  or  viewings at select national and international trade fairs.

Drawing on my  passion for antique and vintage fabric - and nearly 40 plus years experience in  textile  manufacturing

I began Antique Fabrique Boutique. 

Over the last four decades, we have acquired and  sourced  over two million designs and images.  Our collection continues to grow and update weekly.  This is one of the largest privately held collections in the USA.

Our collection is sourced primarily from: America, England and France and dates from 1770 - 1970. The collection includes printed and woven fabrics and documents, original antique hand painted designs, vintage wallpapers and embossed logos.  

"Our expertise and specialty is creating hand picked groups or collections used for contemporary design inspiration. Every selection is tailored to each company's or designers vision,  wants and needs on a seasonal basis."

Antique Fabrique boutique is a top source for premium, one-of-a-kind designs, fabric documents, vintage artworks and inspirational materials.

Buyers and companies have come to rely on consistent, inspirational acquisitions expecting exceptional color, uniqueness, detail and quality.

 Ms.  Jenkins still remains the driving creative force, while still maintaining the company's original vision with an emphasis on

"service, integrity and discretion" for your company's autonomy and  purchasing privacy.